Senin, 30 April 2012

Excercise 36 English for Business 2 Assignment

Excercise 36 English for Business 2 Assignment 1. The teacher made Juan leave the room 2. Toshiko had her car repaired by a mechanic 3. Ellen got Marvin typed her paper 4. I made Jane call her friend on the telephone 5. We got our house painted last week 6. Dr. Byrd is having the students write a composition 7. The policeman made the suspect lie on the ground 8. Mark got his transcripts send to the university 9. Maria is getting her hair cut tomorrow 10. We will have to get the Dean signed this form 11. The teacher let Al leave the classroom. 12. Maria got Ed washed the pipettes 13. She always has her car to fix by the same mechanic 14. Gene got his book published by a subsidy publisher 15. We have to help Janet to find her keys

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